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There is rarely a wedding where the videographer and photographer get on. Sounds silly – but it’s true!

The photographer will be struggling to a get a great shot because the videographer has insisted on massive, intrusive lights. The videographer will curse the photographer as he bobs in and out of crucial shots that can never be re-created.

This summer, we were lucky enough to work with a fantastic photographer who not only shared our opinions on how to perfectly capture your beautiful day; we also managed to work together in harmony too. The result was a wedding video we were thoroughly proud of (and ‘captured the day perfectly’ according to the bride) and a beautiful album of photographs that few could better.

So, we’d recommend MJH Photography to any couple looking for a photographer with an eye for capturing your special day like no other. Check out his showreel here: www.mjhstudio.co.uk/wedding.

Plus, check out our mention here – we’re rather proud of it!

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