6 questions you should ask a wedding videographer

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So, you’re planning your wedding – you have the photographer, dress, venue and colour scheme all sorted. Booking a wedding videographer may be way down on your list (wedding videographers are still seen by some as a nice-to-have) – but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be given a decent amount of thought.

Smith&Hirst have been wedding videographers in Yorkshire for several years now, and every wedding video we film is preceded by a full consultation. We also encourage couples to ask questions, whether they choose us or decide on other local wedding videographers, so they know exactly what to expect from their wedding video.

So, to help you when booking and planning wedding videographers, and so you know what to expect when you receive your finished wedding video – here are five questions you should ask potential wedding videographers.

1. Do you have previous wedding videos we can see?

Beware – many wedding videographers can be chancers who just happen to own a camcorder. If you’re going to come away with the best wedding film you can have, you need to make sure your potential wedding videographer has a decent track record.

Ask if you can see some previous work – even if they are only able to provide you with a couple of examples, you’ll at least have a good idea of how adept they are.

2. What is your preferred style of wedding video?

Another way of seeing if your potential wedding videographer is worth his/her salt – ask them this question and see what they say. Basically, some wedding videographers will be most comfortable with a documentary-style execution. They’ll like to take a step back, and capture your day in the most natural way.

Other wedding videographers may prefer the cinematic approach – tracking you walking down the isle, spotlights by the alter to make sure the light is perfect, ‘staging’ guests entering the venue by setting up and then asking them to enter.

Either way is fine – it just depends on what you prefer. Know the approach your wedding videographer will take and what you want will mean you’ll know what to expect when your completed wedding DVD arrives.

3. Will you want to speak to our photographer beforehand?

Yes, there are some wedding videographers who don’t gel easily with photographers. It’s simply because each can invade the other’s territory as they attempt to capture your day from the best angles possible. But you don’t want that extra burden of making sure photographer and videographer are playing nicely on your big day.

Incidentally, Smith&Hirst have worked in the past with one wedding photographer who we can highly recommend – MJH Photography. Just saying…

4. How will you record sound?

Possibly depending on how much you spend on your wedding videographer, they may choose to use clip mics for the ceremony and speeches – just to pick up the sound a bit better. Otherwise, wedding vidoegraphers may use just the onboard or an additional mic on their camera, or larger, boom mics.

Make sure you’re prepared for how they intend to record the sound – clip on mics will have to be worn on your clothes; if they don’t have any mics other than what’s on their camera, they’ll need to be a bit closer for the parts where voices will need to be recorded.

Make sure they talk you through this and you know what to expect.

5. How are you different to any other wedding videographer?

When booking wedding videographers, you’ll most likely have a couple of things in mind: location and price. For some, these may be their sole USPs: they’re value for money and they’re based in Yorkshire.

But it would be reassuring for you if the potential wedding videographer told you other reasons why you should choose them over anyone else. This could be because of added value, like they’ll stop for the full day (some wedding videographers may only stay until the cutting of the cake, say). Or, it could be their particular approach – you might want a wedding videographer who gives your wedding a quirky, fun angle that’ll keep you smiling for years to come.

6. How long will it be before it’s ready?

Smith&Hirst deliver wedding videos within eight weeks of the date of the wedding – often much sooner. Of course, as soon as you’re back from honeymoon, you’ll be itching to see your video, so manage your own expectations by knowing how long you’ll have to wait.

And once the wedding is done – make sure they stick to their word or start hassling them!

If you want more help and guidance with choosing and booking a wedding videographer, get in touch with us here. You may also find this blog post about booking a wedding videographer useful. This blog post at www.weddingchaos.co.uk also has some useful pointers about booking wedding videographers. Finally, the Institute of Videography have some useful pointers here for you.

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