5 reasons why you should hire a wedding videographer

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Of course, we’re biased – but we think that a wedding videographer is an essential part of capturing your big day for years to come.

Many of the couples we’ve worked with have since said that they watch their wedding video again and again. Which is great! But it’s just one of five reasons why you should hire a wedding videographer…

It’ll Capture The Day Like Nothing Else

Generally, couples will opt for a photographer over a videographer – which is fine. But while seeing a wedding videographer as a ‘nice to have’ is generally the way things are, we think a videographer can often capture your wedding day better – in fact, like nothing else.

For starters, sitting down to watch your wedding video when it’s complete is far move of an event than sitting down to look through your photos. Dim the lights, pop on the surround sound a pass around the popcorn – with your wedding on DVD, you can relive your big day as if you were actually there!

They Can Be Cheaper Than Photographers

Despite a wedding photographer generally being above a wedding videographer on every bride’s ‘must have’ list, if you’ve a tight budget you might actually find videographers are cheaper.

Smith&Hirst, for example, provide wedding videos from just £500 – and that’ s for a professional video capturing your day at its best. How many professional wedding photographers can provide a service for that price or less?

Some Things Only Video Can Capture

When you’re at the top of the aisle saying ‘I do’ – that’s a great moment to capture on camera. But all the better if you actually capture the audio on video – that way, you don’t have to rely on your memory for everything other than the visual.

You Can View It Short Or Long!

Smith&Hirst – and likely some other wedding videographers – will edit your video to provide a beautiful, tear-jerking account of your special day. But rather than just a start-to-finish video, you’ll also get a ‘highlights’ edit – and every part of the day as separate chapters on your wedding DVD.

This means you can watch the full day start to finish – or, if you want to re-live your wedding day but you don’t have much time, you can watch the highlights.

Guests Can Give Messages

Oh yes! One of the features of many wedding videos is the messages from guests. These can take the place of a signing book, or just be various guests’ thoughts on the day. Video messages just add to the experience of your wedding video, and give a much more three dimensional account of the day.

Smith&Hirst can add voxpop video messages to your wedding video as an extra chapter – just get in touch and ask to find out more!

If you want to read more reasons why you should hire a wedding videographer, there are a few more at www.confetti.co.uk. A related article about considering a wedding videographer is here. There are also three arguments for booking a wedding videographer over at www.huffingtonpost.com.

There’s a touching video here about why you should hire a wedding videographer. Beware though – it does contain some cheese!

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