7 ways we can make your wedding video extra special

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Every wedding video created by Smith&Hirst Wedding Videographers is a beautiful, high quality account of your big day. Where possible though, we always like to provide that little bit extra to make your wedding video even more engaging for you and your family when you watch it back again and again.

Here are seven ways we can make your wedding video fun, not just when you watch it back – but when you take part in its creation!

Bride & Groom Interviews

If we’re capturing your day right from the start, prior to the ceremony we can interview both bride and groom – separately of course! Despite the fact that we’re dealing with audio and moving pictures, wedding videos are still primarily visual – so let’s make yours more aural and get some last-minute thoughts from you two!

Think About The Music

During the initial consultation, we always ask couples what their favourite songs are – and if they have any ‘special’ songs. We’ll use these to soundtrack your wedding video. To make it extra special though, you might want to think more about the music – what was the first song the both of you danced to? Is there a particular tune you remember from your first date? This kind of information makes your wedding video more touching. If you’re stuck for suggestions, get a few wedding music ideas from this list.

Consider What Must Be On Film

Obviously, our aim is to capture every single important moment of your day. But there may also be elements to your wedding that you absolutely want on the video – that really capture your day, or say something about you as a couple. Again, we always ask these kinds of questions during the consultation – but it’s worth thinking about it beforehand.

Guest Messages

This is something we provide as a ‘bolt-on’ (check our Prices page for more info) – but again, it’s worth bearing in mind as another exciting element for your wedding video. We do notice that many wedding videographers don’t include messages from guests, but we think it’s a fun way to find out how your guests were feeling on the day. Of course, they’ll likely be loved-up and excitable – and that all adds to the fun of your wedding video.

Rehearsal On Film

We don’t list this is on our Price page, but we can actually capture your rehearsal too, if you are planning to have one. It’d make a nice extra to your wedding DVD, seeing how you go through the steps – and how nervous the groom is just before the big day!

Play Up To The Camera

Ok, so our wedding videos are generally in a ‘documentary’ style – non-obtrusive, capturing the day as it happens – but there’s nothing like the odd bit of playing up to the camera. Every family (and dare we say it, Yorkshire families more than most!) has those characters who’ll get a bit silly at big occasions. Encourage them to get silly in front of the camera – it’ll be a nice visual diversion from the account of your day!

If that sounds a little too much to you, maybe play up to the camera during the speeches. Remember this video? Would it really have been the same had they not had a couple of cameras capturing every word and move?

Love Story

Ok, ok – this is another one of our bolt-on services we can provide, but it’s definitely worth considering to make your wedding video that extra bit special. We can create a montage of all your best moments as a couple, using photographs of the two of you. This can be set to music and played during your wedding day at any time you wish, but it can also be the first chapter of your wedding DVD. It’d make a beautiful introduction to your wedding video and set the scene for what follows – the full account of your big day!

If you’d like an extra special wedding video from Yorkshire’s wedding videographers Smith&Hirst, get in touch here.

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