5 love songs that'll bring your wedding (and wedding video) to life

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Music has the ability to immediately transport you back to another place or time. Just hearing the opening chords of a track can remind you of when you first heard it, a significant event that it soundtracked, or how it comforted you during difficult times.

Choosing the right songs for your wedding is a big decision. You might decide early on what songs to include for your day, you might instantly know without even thinking about it – or you might just seek advice from others. If you’re the latter, we’ve a few suggestions for effective (and memorable) wedding music.

The wedding songs we’ve chosen aren’t taken from any ‘top 10 most used songs at weddings’ – nor are they obscure pieces that you’ll be non-plussed about hearing again. These tracks have either helped make our wedding videos for Yorkshire couples even more enjoyable, or they have provided a soundtrack to the day that sticks with everyone who attended. We’ve even made sure we’ve chosen songs that are lyrically appropriate too.

There’s nothing like choosing a first dance song – then later discovering that sweet melodic song has some dark, depressing lyrical undertones!

1. Joshua Radin – Beautiful Day

If you’re going for a laid-back summer wedding, this breezy acoustic-led tune is perfect. You’ll have your parents weeping with joy as you all watch your wedding video back!

2. Etta James – At Last

A big, confident anthem that will make you feel proud to be marrying the one you love. Like the best wedding songs, it’s full of positive lyrics and guaranteed to bring smiles to all who witness your wedding day!

3. Bright Eyes – First Day Of My Life

Where singer Conor Oberst pines like a little lost Disney character – and that moment of your wedding day is subsequently etched in your memory forever.

4. Ellie Goulding – How Long Will I Love You

Perfect for the bride’s entrance, or in fact most parts of your wedding day, Ellie’s recent single is warm, heartfelt, and will provide a lasting memory of your day if you choose this as one of your wedding songs!

5. Devendra Banhart – Baby

A cute and kooky tune, perfect if your wedding is going to be cool, quirky and fun. Again, it’s got a summery vibe – and will help to make the soundtrack of your wedding day a little unique!

If you want to see which wedding songs are used the most, bridalguide.com has a list of the 90 most popular wedding songs here. You can discuss your wedding music, and get tips from Smith&Hirst, by booking a free consultation for a wedding video here.

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