5 reasons why you shouldn't have a wedding video

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Wedding videos - urgh, they're so hideous. I mean just imagine, you've just had the most amazing wedding day, had all your family and friends gathered together celebrating your love. Now you're home and understandably you're a little blue, the last thing you want to do is relive every single magical moment...

And that's just one reason! Here are another five:

1) Your guests are arriving, looking head to toe fabulous, but you're getting ready or having photos taken, imagine being able to see the things you'd otherwise have missed. It's creepy!

2) Walking down the aisle, it's a momentous moment and you're focused on the one you love at the end of the aisle. You don't even notice the videographer capturing every moment. I mean how distracting!

3) "I now pronounce you..." and you're married! Your mother-in-law is crying like a baby but you can't see it, but hey! Why would you want you want to, you're too busy snogging your new husband/wife!

4) The speeches! Oh dear, who would want to watch those back! You'd have to hear again what a precious daughter you are, or how much your best man appreciates your friendship, or that brilliant joke that really got everyone laughing.

5) When your family and friends have had a little too much Prosecco they're going to hit the dance floor. Can you imagine reliving every dance move, every drunken declaration that "you're such an amazing couple!", and every special moment as you dance the night away with the love of your life...

...it would just be terrible.

Why on earth would you want to relive every magical moment? Because it's going to be the happiest day of your life. And Smith&Hirst won't let you miss a moment. Find out more by getting in touch - click here to contact us.

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