5 reasons why Yorkshire is the best place to get married

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I've just come away from a wedding video consultation with an amazing young Yorkshire couple. Where they lived - in the heart of the beautiful, rolling Yorkshire Dales, not far from Skipton - got me thinking. Yorkshire really is the best place to get married.

Of course, I'm biased, because Laura and I got married in York. But we chose to get married in Yorkshire for many reasons, not just because we live in Yorkshire. Having filmed - as well as attended as guests, of course - many weddings across Yorkshire, from Leeds to Doncaster, Sheffield to Bradford, Whitby to Halifax, we believe we're pretty well qualified to understand all the benefits of a Yorkshire wedding.

So, here are our five reasons why Yorkshire is the best place to get married!

Yorkshire is the third best region in the world

And they're not our words - but the words of Lonely Planet.

In their 2014 Best In Travel list, Lonely Planet give third place to Yorkshire, making it a better place than Texas, Mallorca and Hunan in China. Third place also makes it the best place in Europe. So, you can forget your beautiful Italian lakes, your breathtaking Swiss alps and your romantic Parisen streets - if you want to get married in the best place in Europe, you're already there.

Read this nice piece on Yorkshire as a great destination if you want to feel even more proud about our fine county.

It has stunning countryside

Throughout Yorkshire, there are true beauty hotspots, perfect for your wedding, or even just a Sunday afternoon stroll. Pick any area of Yorkshire and there will be gorgeous countryside not too far away.

The aforementioned Yorkshire Dales is one area; we're also particularly fond of some of the really dramatic scenery that can be found around Halifax and heading north towards Keighley. There are the beautfil green fields of South Yorkshire, particularly the area around the South Yorkshire Forest near Barnsley. And if you like your villages dainty and your countryside a little more unasssuming, there's the outskirts of York, heading in the direction of Hull.

Smith&Hirst have been lucky to work in some beautiful countryside settings around Yorkshire - it makes our job as wedding videographers so much more enjoyable!

Read this blog if you want inspiration for your wedding setting, or just want to be reminded why Yorkshire is regarded as such a beautiful county.

It has historic wedding venues

Then, of course, there are the wedding venues. Trip Advisor's list of the 30 best wedding hotels in Yorkshire is a good read, and a great resource if you're unsure of where to get married.

We have our favourites - and most of them are on Trip Advisor's list above - but of course there are many others out there. A recently-discovered venue, although not technically a historic venue visited by our friends at helenleeflorist.co.uk, is Casa in Brighouse. A modern lakeside venue, it boasts magnificent views of Yorkshire countryside that would make an impressive backdrop to your wedding - and your wedding photos and video!

Yorkshire folk tell it like it is

A bit of a sterotypical view of Yorkshire people, maybe, but there is a reason for us including this one. In North Yorkshire, the tradition is for the wedding certificate to be given to someone 'trustworthy'.

In other words, it's passed to the man who is then expected to pass it to his wife!

You can beat the prices

Yorkshire is on your doorstep, so it it's obvious it's going to be much cheaper than travelling to other country, or even to a distant destination in this country.

Aside from the fact that there's much less travelling involved, for both you and your wedding guests, the venues are a great price when compared with much of the UK too. Take a look at the list of wedding venues at hitched.co.uk - and then compare the prices of these stunning locations to any equivalent in the rest of the UK - particularly the south. You'll get more for your money by tying the knot right here in your beautful home county!

If you're planning a wedding in Yorkshire and would like to find out more about capturing your special day forever, speak to Yorkshire wedding videographers Smith&Hirst here!

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