Wedding videographers vs photographers: Who to choose?

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Ever since wedding videographers appeared on the scene sometime back in the 1980s, there's been something of a silent war (ok, maybe 'mistrust' or 'mutual loathing' might be closer to the mark and less dramatic) between them and wedding photographers.

Of course, during the course of the day, the wedding party are probably - hopefully - completely oblivious to it. As wedding videographers, Smith&Hirst have experienced it on less than a handful of occasions, and on the whole never really understood it.

Why does it happen? Well, it's all about territory. The wedding photographer wants to capture all those defining moments, and get the best photos, from the best angles. The wedding videographer, of course, also wants to capture all those defining moments, and get the best photos, from the best angles.

And while many of your guests will be jostling for the best position when getting snap of the cake cutting, or the first dance, or the walking back up the aisle, for the photographer and videographer they're actually getting paid to it. They're getting paid to give you, after your wedding, the best photos and videos out of anybody present!

As I say, Smith&Hirst have very rarely experienced any animosity when capturing a wedding - we've found, where possible, it's best to properly meet with the photographer, have a chat about how you work and what you want to get from the day, and then respect each other's boundaries.

Plus, of course, we understand the importance of wedding photography. Having got married ourselves in 2014, we know that while the wedding video was amazing and something we watch again and again, we could re-live our day without the absolutely stunning photos our photographer took.

We recently came across this article about the wedding videographer versus photographer argument. It made us laugh.

While we can see the point in much of what he's saying, this chap clearly doesn't want to sell himself as a wedding videographer. It paints a picture of the wedding videographer as soon slightly creepy, technology-obsessed nerd who will not only be a hindrance to the photographer, but to the bide and groom too!

So, we thought we would try and set a few things straight for anybody who has read the blog post by Philip White Weddings.

1. Wedding photographs are an essential, can't-do-it-without-them part of getting married. A wedding video is more of a nice-to-have - however we are increasingly being told by recently wed couples that they couldn't have had their wedding without a wedding videographer. Many also say they watch their video more than they look at their photos.

2. Whilst, true, there may be some wedding videographers out there who carry with them pointlessly complicated equipment, we believe that with the advances in technology (and also the price we charge!) a small, high-spec handheld video camera is perfectly adequate. Other wedding videographers we have seen at work - including the wedding videographer we hired for our own wedding in York - have had a very similar approach.

3. The idea that people would rather by photographed than filmed at a wedding is entirely subjective and not something we've ever come across as an issue. In fact, if anything the opposite could be true. Think about the last time you were at a wedding and how many photographs you had to pose for - and then think about the last time a wedding videographer asked you to pose. The wedding videographer should be good to enough to capture every moment of your day without the guests even even noticing them there. A wedding videographer's job is to capture your big day without you ever actually realising!

Normally, Smith&Hirst would never entertain any kind of rivalry between wedding videographers and wedding photographers - we understand and respect the importance of both - however we felt on this occasion that we were being treated a little unfairly!

To summarise, we'd recommend this: book your wedding photographer first. If you want to see your wedding in action, though, and you want to hear the speeches, the vows, the laughter and the cheers - - allow for a wedding videographer in your budget too. We promise it will be worth it.

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