Heading north to Northumberland

It's 7:30 on a Sunday morning. Why am I up so early? Because we have a wedding to film today!

Well, strictly speaking I'm not filming this wedding. Laura is filming today's wedding, and it's the first wedding this year that we're covering that's not actually in Yorkshire.

We rarely cover any weddings outside of Yorkshire (there's been the odd one - Lancashire a few years ago, then one in Poland last year) but occasionally it is nice to venture out of the county to somewhere different.

Today's wedding video came off the back of a referral from one of our previous customers, who had her wedding shot by us in Leeds two years ago. The wedding is a 2/3 hour drive from our base in Halifax so Laura has set off early to capture the bride preparing for her big day!

The venue for today's wedding is Ellingham Hall in Northumberland. The couple, Sarah and Ben, contacted us way back in 2013 and confirmed the venue with us early in 2014. I'm rather jealous - Laura has an amazing venue to be filming in! I'll be looking forward to the editing process which I'll be starting this coming week, once Laura has returned home with the raw footage from the day.

Then, Sarah and Ben will have a full account of their big day, all packaged up in a bespoke design DVD case! We always provide three copies of each wedding video so they can be handed out to family or friends.

Our next wedding video booking is then August 1st in Bradford, which I will be behind the camera for and Laura editing. Following that... We're booked up every weekend throughout August!

If you're getting married this autumn get in touch - we still have the following weekend dates available throughout September and October:

September 27th

October 11th

October 31st

Plus we are available weekdays. To book your free wedding video consultation or to simply find out more get in touch with us here. And don't forget we still have our offer on - refer a friend and get your evening covered for free! Details are here.

We've also recently added a new service to our list of 'bolt-on's. For just twenty quid we'll upload your wedding video to YouTube or Vimeo, so you can share your wedding video with anyone you want, anywhere in the world! We can upload this as a private or a public video - just get in touch if you're interested and have any questions.

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