What do our wedding videos look like?

Before we capture any wedding, Smith&Hirst carry out a short consultation session with the special couple. The question we get asked most often is 'what will I get for my money?'

As wedding videographers of four years now, we pride ourselves on the experience we have and the service we provide. We do not sell cheap wedding videos - however a wedding film created by Smith&Hirst is one that is thoughtfully put together, and offers amazing value for money.

So let's assume you go for our standard £500 wedding video - and I'll take you through what you get for that price...

We film weddings without you knowing we're there

We believe the purpose of a wedding video is to capture the moments as they happen - whether that's the tear-inducing ceremony, or the best man helping the groom adjust his buttonhole.

You could say our wedding videos are 'documentary style' - we like to capture all the incidental moments, the bits of the day that nobody else notices, and the big occasions during the wedding, without any of it being set up.

Your photographer will sort out the posed photos. We look after the rest. At the end of the wedding day, many couples tell us "we didn't even notice you here!"

We take time to consider the editing

Once we've captured the day, 'documentary style', we spend a lot of time going through the footage we have - usually around five hours' worth of recording at least - working out what are key points and what will form the 'linking' shots between occasions.

Of course, we want your wedding video to capture the day as naturally as possible - but it's also got to be exciting to watch. The days of shaky-cam wedding videos that capture your special day warts and all are long gone!

Each part of the day is its own chapter

To further make your wedding video as watchable as possible, we divide the DVD up into chapters.

Typically, this will consist of a Getting Ready chapter, a Ceremony chapter, a Speeches chapter, a Night Do chapter and a Best Bits chapter. This way, your wedding is as watchable as possible: you can 'dip in' to your wedding video at your leisure - watch specific parts of your day, or watch it all the way through.

Music is a big part of each wedding video

All this is held together by the sounds that made your day what it was. Music is a big part of any wedding, and we believe a wedding video soundtracked by the right music conveys that emotion from the big day like nothing else.

During a consultation, we'll ask the couple for a list of their favourite songs, songs they intend to have played at the wedding, or songs that are 'their' songs. Later on, when planning the editing, we use this as the basis for your video. Watch some of the examples of our work and you'll get an idea of what we mean.

If you'd like to book a consultation with Smith&Hirst to find out more about our wedding videography services, get in touch here.

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