What is a wedding video consultation?

Whenever a bride to be contacts Smith&Hirst to book us for their wedding, we always suggest booking in a consultation.

Of course, depending on how close it is to your wedding, this may not always be possible.

But for those who would prefer a consultation before we capture your big day, and for those who are unsure why they would need a consultation, we thought we'd give a bit of an insight into what they are - and why we do them.

1. We want to get to know you

Sitting down with a couple before their wedding day is a great way to get to know them - because when it comes to the big day itself, you'll have other things on your mind!

A sit down on an evening or afternoon a few months before your wedding allows us to understand what sort of style you're after, and whether you and your family are fun-loving party animals who'll love the camera... Or whether you'd rather we were a little more in the background, capturing your wedding documentary-style.

Knowing what couples are expecting from their wedding videos means we can tailor them accordingly.

2. We want to be sure on the timings

A crucial part of the consultation is running through the timings of the day. It's essential we know things like the time of the ceremony, the speeches and the start of the night do - but it's also handy for us to know what time the groom will arrive, when the first dance will be, and if you're opting for our one of our Evening Celebrations or Family & Friends Messages add-on packages, when the night will be ending.

Knowing the timings in detail ensures we're in the right place at the right time - so we capture that moment when the Father of the Bride sees his daughter in her dress for the first time, or when the bouquet is tossed into the throng of single ladies!

3. You can ask us anything you want!

It goes without saying that you can ask us questions about our wedding videos or how we work at any time at all. It just makes it a bit easier if we're with you and going through your big day if you want to ask us questions.

Generally, we find couples are happy to leave us to do what we do best - capture the best day of their lives in a way that'll have them watching their wedding videos again and again. But sometimes a bride will want to know how long it'll be before we return the completed wedding video to them (4-6 weeks, as it happens) or a groom will be interested in the camera we use (a Canon Legria, if you're wondering).

So - if you're thinking of booking Smith&Hirst to capture your wedding, get in touch and we can book a consultation. Any questions beforehand - just give us a call!

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