Wedding videographers London prices? No way!

We recently had a conversation with a happy couple due to get married, who live in London. They had travelled to Yorkshire to see family and plan their wedding.

Of course, they were looking for a wedding videographer.

During their research they'd happened upon this website and, shocked by the price of a wedding video from us, gave us a call.

They explained the prices of wedding videographers in they'd seen... And we were shocked by the prices wedding videographers in London charge!

For example, a pretty standard wedding video from a London videographer was in the region of £2k - yet they were offering the same as us. That didn't actually include the first dance.

Another wedding videographer in London charged roughly the same, but had made it quite clear tot the couple that they were not interested in capturing church weddings, thank you very much. How cheeky!

Some London wedding videographers matched Smith&Hirst for price, but only covered half the day.

And this got Smith&Hirst thinking. Whilst we promote ourselves as a wedding videographer service for Yorkshire, we should be willing to offer our services as far south as London. So, if you're a London-based couple and you're looking to get married in 2017, give us a call. We might be free, we might be able to beat wedding videographers' London prices, and we promise to create something you'll want to watch again and again.

For more information on our prices go here.

This great blog post on - giving reasons why you should consider a wedding videographer - is also a great read. also list many great reasons why you should hire a wedding videographer in this blog post.

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