Why we've ditched the wedding DVD

You may've noticed that we've changed our wedding video offerings on our Prices page recently.

Over the past six months, most of our customers have asked for their wedding videos to be on a memory stick, rather than a disc. In an age where fewer and fewer people are buying DVDs, it makes sense for wedding videographers to follow suit and adapt to what people want.

So, from now on, all Smith&Hirst wedding videos will be supplied, as standard, on a personalised memory stick.

This can be popped into your laptop, desktop computer or the back of your TV and you can watch your wedding video instantly. You can even download it to your computer easily, and upload to YouTube if you wish - making sharing your wedding video with family even easier. No need to wipe the underside to stop it from jumping, either!

Each memory stick is personalised to the couple, and comes in a presentation box. The perfect way to receive your wedding video from us!

Of course, if you need them, we can supply multiple personalised wedding video memory sticks. Check out the Prices page for more information.

And if you hate this announcement and you do really want to receive your wedding video on DVD, that's ok of course!

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