Our 5 favourite wedding video moments

As creators of wedding videos, Laura and I have a great job.

One week, a wedding videographer can be capturing a flamboyant, Disney-themed wedding in a fairy princess castle. The next week, we could be filming the smallest, most minimalist wedding in beautiful countryside.

But however different each wedding is, each one has those same moments you look forward to. The moments you know are going to look great once the wedding video is finished. Sometimes they're planned, often they're not.

Having worked as Yorkshire wedding videographers since 2012, Laura and I have captured many different weddings. These are the five moments that we most look forward to and enjoy.

1. The father of the bride seeing his daughter in her wedding dress

Many brides will say to us, 'you have to capture the moment my dad sees me in my dress.' They don't need to tell us twice - that moment when dad first sees his girl in a wedding dress always makes for great viewing. Often, it's planned - meaning we are ready to capture it at that specific moment, from the right angle, with the right people (other than the bride and her dad) present.

Sometimes, it just happens without planning, and when it's not planned you have to employ your wedding videographer's sixth sense.

However it happens, though, when it does, it usually becomes the first tear-jerking moment of the video.

2. The bride's arrival

The groom may think that period from everyone arriving at the ceremony to their bride walking down the aisle is

nerve-wracking. Try capturing every single bit of it on camera!

That period, for a wedding videographer, usually goes something like this: establish position you're going to film the ceremony from (usually, if it's a church wedding, spending five minutes reassuring the vicar we definitely won't move from that spot!). Capture groom. Capture guests arriving. Capture guests hugging groom. Dash out to see if bride has arrived. Dash back in to capture groom looking nervous. Dash back out to see if bride has arrived. Here she comes! Capture bride getting out of wedding car. Dash back in to set up for capturing that crucial aisle walk. Try not to move from spot for 30 minutes.

That moment when the bride arrives, though. It really is a key moment in the video. Especially if the bride is looking particularly excited, and at the same time, the groom is looking particularly nervous!

3. The couple seeing each other for the first time

Obviously, what follows the aisle walk is usually the groom turning to see his bride. We've seen the biggest, most macho men reduced to tears at that moment. And the wedding videographer is right there, in the action, capturing it all.

4. Signing the register

When the bridge and groom sit down to sign the register, and pose for the obligatory family photos with pen in hand, it's usually the first chance they've had to to talk to each other.

It's in that ten minutes or so when we see the happy couple, relaxed, chatting quietly to each other and laughing, all usually tinged with visual relief and excitement. It's a really personal moment sometimes but capturing it on camera from a distance really adds to the video.

5. Best man's speech

Probably the hardest thing about being wedding videographers? You can't laugh during the best man's speech. No matter how funny it is, the last thing you want to hear when you're watching your wedding video for the first time is the videographer guffawing right next to the camera's mic.

If the room really is rolling on the floor at the best man's speech, chances are you can get away with a few chuckles. But we've seen some of the funniest speeches of our lives when filming weddings - and we've had to hold in our laughter!

If you've got a question about wedding videos, or you want to speak to a recommended wedding videographer (by recommended we mean.... Most of our bookings are from recommendations!) about capturing your wedding, please get in touch. You can speak to Dave on 07506359487.

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