2019! These are the dates we have available...

Laura and I took a break from wedding videography in 2018. But now we're back, and raring to go!

Thanks to everyone who called us during 2018 to book a wedding video for this year. For those of you who are still considering a wedding videographer - do it! Simply get in touch with Laura and I here.

Right now, these are the Saturdays in 2019 that we have available. If your wedding is on a Sunday, or a weekday, we have almost complete availability throughout the year for these days. Get in touch for more information.

Saturday 18th May

Saturday 1st June

Saturday 13th July

Saturday 20th July

Saturday 17th August

Saturday 31st August

Saturday 7th September

Saturday 28th September

Saturday 5th October

Saturday 12th October

Saturday 19th October

Saturday 23rd November

Why choose Smith&Hirst Wedding Videographers?

Since we've been away for a year, it feels the right time to 'sell' ourselves as it were. So here are five reasons why you choose Laura and I for your wedding video.

1. We know Yorkshire inside out

There are few wedding venues in Yorkshire that we haven't filmed at. Whether it's quirky York Maze, Keighley's beautiful wedding venue East Riddlesden Hall or Wakefield's stunning Waterton Park (which really does boast some amazing backdrops for your wedding video!) - we've been there. At least once!

We've filmed wedding videos in Hull, wedding videos in Barnsley and wedding videos in Scarborough - and we're not afraid to travel (we're based near Halifax).

2. We've the experience

Laura and I have been filming weddings since 2012. Our first experience as wedding videographers was in 2012 when we were wedding videographers for a Huddersfield wedding. Since then the number of wedding videos we've created must be in the hundreds (we'll be honest... We've never counted them!)

3. We'll not miss a thing - but you'll not notice us

One of the comments we love to hear the most is 'we didn't even notice you were there - but you captured everything!' As wedding videographers, it's our job to blend into the background yet get everything on video. We don't want to get in the way of your big day but we want to make sure we're there for every key moment of your special day.

4. We're affordable

Smith&Hirst are not one of those wedding videography outfits that'll charge you for the fuel they use to get to your wedding. It's just one flat (affordable) rate with us - unless you want the extra stuff of course!

5. We listen to you

With Smith&Hirst, there are no egos. We want to capture your wedding in the best way possible - whether than means you just want us to get on with it and provide a tear-jerker of a wedding video, or you want to direct us in capturing specific moments (we've been asked to 'set up' shots on many occasions!).

At the end of the day, it's your wedding and your video - and Laura and I are happy to create something that you love and will want to watch again and again.

If you have any questions about our wedding videos, or wish to book us for 2019, please get in touch.

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